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Handmade to order in the UK
World first truly eco-friendly beanbag
Free Delivery over £500
Handmade to order in the UK
World first truly eco-friendly beanbag

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What else can you use instead of polystyrene? Biofoam!

Polystyrene, also known as EPS, has long been the most popular and traditional filling for
bean bags. Not only is it light and durable, it’s also cheap to make. However, it comes with a
massive drawback that we just cannot continue to ignore- it’s a petroleum-based product
that lasts for hundreds of years before breaking down and is often found in microplastics
sampled at sea. Polystyrene poisons our planet.

When we were searching for a polystyrene alternative for our bean bags, we were surprised
to find that there wasn’t a true and comparable substitute to the traditional polystyrene
beans. What’s more, the natural fillers on offer came with their own drawbacks. Wool and
cotton compress over time, buckwheat hulls are unfeasibly heavy, whilst dried beans and
rice can attract wildlife. Beanbags are meant to be fun, lightweight, and durable (not to
mention bug free!).

Instead of abandoning our search we set out to source a filling that was a genuine
replacement for polystyrene beads- the result was Biofoam.

eco-friendly bean bag filling

Biofoam is an eco-friendly substitute for traditional Styrofoam- not only because it is a
compostable vegetable-based polymer, but also because it is C02 neutral, non-toxic,
durable, and lightweight. It looks and feels like polystyrene, without all the added
environmentally-damaging nasties!

We want to be pioneers, providing a comparable alternative to polystyrene beads, which is
why our Biofoam is not just the only filling you will find in our bean bags, it is also available
to purchase in various sized refills – why not continue your sustainable journey by refilling
an old beanbag cover?

What’s more, our revolutionary Biofoam beans are now available in a craft-pack sized refill
and can replace any other fillings you may use – they’re a great cushion filler and are
perfect for small crafting projects too – the only limit is your imagination!

Now when people ask, ‘what else can you use instead of polystyrene?’ We can answer,